Amazon offering Echo Skill Reward Payments

Amazon has started sending out emails letting developers know they will be receiving Amazon Echo Skill reward payments.  They have also created a FAQ on their website giving more details about the program.  Developers started receiving emails explaining the program and the May payouts a few days ago.

Echo Skill Reward Payments

Currently, only Game Skill developers are eligible for the payouts.  According to Amazon, this is because they are some of the most engaging skills in the market place.  The payouts are based on time usage, new customers, and “other measures of engagement”.

The details are fairly limited right now and Amazon states in the FAQ that they reserve the right to change or cancel the program at anytime.

Are you someone that develops skills for Amazon Echo today?  Are you excited for this possible revenue stream for your time?  Tell us in the comments below your thoughts and opinions on this new program.

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