Improved IKEA Smart Home Integration Coming

It looks like we will see some improved IKEA Smart Home integration soon. Overnight, IKEA has made an announcement (Swedish), that they will be adding Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home support to their TRÅDFRI range of smart home products.  The updates will start coming later this summer and early fall.

The TRÅDFRI range of products requires a $30 Gateway and works with their LED lights.  They also feature a remote which can control up to 10 devices.  The IKEA lighting products allow ranges of light from warm to cool and is also dimmable.

The image in the press release shows what looks to be motion and light sensors as well, which would be an expansion for their portfolio.

There are also rumors about IKEA updating their firmware to work with a Philips Hue Hub.  This would add another option for some low cost smart lighting and might help drive the cost down on the Philips products.

Tell us about your experiences of the IKEA Smart Home products in the comments below.  Will this news make it that you are more likely to buy into their product offering?

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