Google Home Hands Free Calling Announced

Google has announced that Google Home Hands Free Calling will be added very soon.  You can find out all about the new feature on the Google Home Hands Free Calling FAQ.

From the advertisement they have uploaded on YouTube, they show people calling all sorts of different services & friends with their voice.  They even use the service to help them find their phone hidden under layers of clothing.  According to their help page, it shows that all calls to the US and Canada will be free with the exception of 911 and 1-900 numbers.

You can even add contacts for multiple people on the same device and with voice recognition, it can pick the correct contact.  That means when one of your kids say’s “Ok Google, Call Dad”, it will call Dad.  When Dad say’s the same thing, it will call Grandpa.  All of the contacts will be stored in your Google Contacts list.

In the beginning, a private number will be shown when you call, but they are working on adding a feature so that your mobile number will be displayed when you call with your Google Home.  It is unclear if that private number will be unique to you or will be shared with all Google Home users.

This announcement comes days after Amazon added a calling and messaging feature to the Amazon Echo.  Google has taken this a step further and allowed you to call any phone number versus Amazon who only allows you to call other who have an Amazon Echo.

Do you think that the new Google Home hands free calling feature is better then the messaging and calling feature on the Amazon Echo?  If you haven’t already bought a Google Home, does this feature now make it a must have product?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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