Google Assistant SDK Developer Preview Launched

Yesterday, Google announced the release of the Google Assistant SDK which will allow developers to create their own hardware and software and include Google Assistant.  You might already be familiar with Google Assistant if you have a Google Home or the Pixel Phone.  This is exciting news for those that love Home Automation because we will start seeing more DIY sort of projects with the technology.

Keep in mind, this is a developer preview, so features may be limited now.  Google said that they have a number of features in development including support for hotwords, companion app integration and more. They have also launched a new developer community on Google+, a tag, and a mailing list to ensure that those of you that are looking to jump in feet first in using this SDK will be able to get the help they need quickly.

Google Assistant is a direct competitor of the technology used in the Amazon Echo and lately it seems like Google is killing it when it comes to the features they are adding.  Last week, Google added the ability to have multiple user accounts on a single Google Home device.  They also have the ability to sync up the audio on multiple Google Home devices allowing for whole home audio systems on a much cheaper budget then the wide array of Sonos Wireless Speakers that are available.  We are hoping that all of this competition will help drive improvements with both companies.

We’re excited to keep seeing improvements with Google Assistant and we can’t wait to see what will come out of this.  Are you going to be using the Google Assistant SDK anytime soon?  Tell us in the comments below what sort of projects you are working on, maybe you could be featured on Something Automated!