Cheap AIY Google Home with a Raspberry Pi

Subscribers of The Magpi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine will be getting a cool little gadget with this months issue, an AIY (Artificial Intelligence Yourself) Google Home!  Check out the video below which shows how to take the kit and built up the device which is triggered with a big red button on the top.

This is an official kit from Google and is just the beginning of the cool things we expect from “AIY-ers” who will be using the Official Google Home SDK which was released last week.

This kit is only available from subscribers on the MagPi website which is available for $129 for 12 issues which also includes a Pi Zero W, a case, and cable bundle.  Individual copies are not available at this time, but we are sure you will see these kits flooding ebay in the coming weeks.

Tell us what you think about the new Google Home AIY project from MagPi in the comments below!