Wink Bright Kit Available Now

You can now Order Wink Bright at the Wink website for $119.  The product will ship free in the US, and will take 1-2 weeks for delivery.  Wink offers a 30-day return policy with all of their products.

The Wink Bright kit includes the Wink Hub 2 ($82 at Amazon) and two (2) SYLVANIA Smart A19 Dimmable Bulbs ($10 ea at Amazon), so this is slightly more expensive then buying the parts separately, but can be a good gift for someone just starting off in the home automation world.

With the announcement of Wink Bright, Wink has announced two new services available in the Wink App: Home Sitter and Moonlight.

Home Sitter is used to convince people outside of your house to think someone is home when you are away.  It does this by turning on and off lights in a way that mimics the way humans use lighting throughout their homes.  By simply selecting the lights you want to include in the feature and your location, Wink will do the rest whenever it detects you are not in the house.  It will turn on and off lights at sun down until bed-time so it won’t be obvious that a computer is controlling your lighting.

Moonlight on the other hand helps ensure that you never come home to a dark house.  Moonlight will turn on the lights you select at sundown and off at sunset (or another time you specify).  You would typically select lights outside of your house or in entry ways.

Both features are available today and can be found in a new Service menu within the Lights & Power section of the Wink App (requires latest version).

If you are using Samsung SmartThings, you can get similar functionality by using the SmartApp Vacation Lighting Director and Smart Lighting which will essentially do the same things as Home Sitter and Moonlight respectively.

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